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Meet designer of the Death Star, Colin Cantwell

Meet Colin Cantwell, designer for ideas like the Death Star, Tie Fighters, and many other unforgettable movie concepts here at Destiny City Comics and King’s Books!
We’ll be having a special meet and greet at the comic shop followed by a presentation at the book store on August 25, 3 to 6pm.
Colin will be offering his autograph for $25. This can be on an item a fan brings – or – it includes either a free 8×12 print of either his original 1974 Star Wars concept art (see colincantwell.com/ for pictures) or a picture of his original Star Wars models. A $35 purchase includes a selfie ($10 value) and a his signature on free large 12×18 print of either kind.

If you are interested in a print or photo, Colin will charge for his signature and the print/photo will be included at no extra cost.

Destiny City Comics will be selling Certificates of Authenticity at $3.

Find out more about Colin Cantwell here:
Huge thanks to King’s Books for providing presentation equipment and a space.

Batman/Catwoman Wedding Midnight Release Party!

It’s the wedding you thought you’d never see! The Caped Crusader and Gotham’s most notorious cat burglar say their vows in this momentous new issue by Tom King and an all-star team of artists.
We’re releasing all other new comics like the next chapter in Catwoman #1, Ta-Nehesi Coates’ Captain America #1, Paper Girls #22, Cosmic Ghost Rider #1, Prism Stalker #5, Star Wars #50, and more!
Not only that, we’ll have freebies and special sales going on. Visit the shop to learn more!
We’ll be reopening our doors at 11:30pm and remaining open to serve customers at the event. Doyle’s Pub is happy to serve food and drink late at night just two doors down.

FREE COMICS Halloween ComicFest 2016 at Destiny City Comics

Spidey, Darth Vader, Squirrel Girl, Scooby, My Little Pony, Archie, Grumpy Cat, and more all FREE this year the Saturday before Halloween! Stay tuned for more details as your local Stadium District comic shop book store firms up plans and books guests. Happy Halloween!

Darth Vader, Vol. 1 discussion at Destiny City Comics

In September we take a look at the first volume of Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen (Wicked + Divine, Young Avengers) and Salvador Larocca (X-Men), taking place after the original Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. Vader is on the hook for the fall of the first Death Star, and slowly learning of the existance of another Skywalker. Also: wacky murder droids and a cool new archaeologist character!
The book can be purchased at Destiny City Comics and you get 15% off if you mention the book club discount. Stadium District’s only comic shop also sells many other fine graphic novels.

Star Wars Poe Dameron Launch Party at Destiny City Comics

Don’t miss out on the release of Marvel’s new Star Wars series focusing on the ace X-Wing fighter from Episode VII: The Force Awakens. We’re throwing a special party where you get bonus collectibles when you purchase Poe Dameron #1 like pins, limited edition lithograph prints, and a chance to get a rare variant.

Star Wars, Vol 1: Skywalker Strikes discussion

Join us in September when we discuss the new collection of Star Wars from Marvel, written by Jason Aaron (Thor, Scalped) and John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Planetary). This story takes place right after New Hope in the recently rebooted Star Wars “extended universe.”

The book can be purchased as early as September 2 at Destiny City Comics minus a 15% book club discount! Stadium District’s new comic shop also sells many other fine graphic novels.

Marvel Star Wars #1 Release Party! Welcome Home!

Finally, after decades Star Wars returns to Marvel!

Get the NEW Star Wars #1 at Stadium District’s new comic shop. Come in on release day and get FREE buttons and prints!

Thanks to Disney acquiring both Marvel and Star Wars, readers get a clean slate on a whole new era of Star Wars extended universe stories, with possible hints and tie-ins with new movies like Episode VII.

If you sign up for a subscription to this monthly title at Destiny City Comics, you get a chance to get the extremely rare Premiere Retailer variant–of which there are only two in existence! Winner will be announced January 31.

See you tomorrow comics fans, and may the force live long and prosper with you (j/k)!!

Facebook event listing: https://www.facebook.com/events/1515055628784210/

Comics and Pizza Book Club discussion of Star Wars, Vol. 1: In the Shadow of Yavin

This December we’re meeting on the third Friday of the month (regularly it’s the fourth Friday but that’s too close to X-Mas) at Destiny City Comics!

For this month we’ll be discussing the first volume of the acclaimed Star Wars ongoing by Brian Wood (DMZ, X-Men), Ryan Odagawa, Carlos D’Anda, and cover art by the legendary Alex Ross.

The book can be purchased at Destiny City Comics minus a 15% book club discount! Stadium District’s new comic shop also sells many other fine graphic novels.