I Killed Adolf Hitler book club discussion

I Killed Adolf Hitler book club discussion

On the fourth Sunday of the month we’ll meet at the shop after hours to discuss our book club selection, I Killed Adolf Hitler.
This 2008 Eisner and Harvey Award-winning classic, unavailable since 2014, is back in print in a newly designed edition! In this full-color graphic novel, Jason posits a strange, violent world in which contract killers can be hired to rub out pests — be they dysfunctional relatives, abusive co-workers, loud neighbors, or just annoyances in general — and as you might imagine, their services are in heavy demand. One such killer is given the unique job of traveling back in time to kill Adolf Hitler in 1939 … but things go spectacularly wrong.
The book is available at Destiny City Comics and will be offered at a special discount during the month of September.
Meet the Artist! Black River signing with author Josh Simmons

Meet the Artist! Black River signing with author Josh Simmons

We’ll be celebrating the release of a new work of horror by Josh Simmons, Black River, published by Seattle’s own Fantagraphics Books Inc.

Advance copies of the book will be available at the event before its May 20 ship date. Get your hands on it before it hits stands almost anywhere else!

Advance Praise for Black River:

“Josh Simmons has concocted a hellish world in which madwomen roam a post-apocalyptic landscape – but its battlescars are nothing compared to the self-obliterating hell of their own minds. A horrifying, unforgettable vision.” — Kier-La Janisse (House of Psychotic Women)

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