Selling Comics?

Here’s the deal on buying old comics…

Much thanks for reading this. I am happy to take on your used comics.

Donations are very appreciated and help get good stories or collectibles into interested hands while supporting the store. This is the quickest and hassle-free way to go about being rid of them.

This guide is meant to offer key information about my buying habits, but it is not a scientific process. Please use the contact information at the bottom to chat with me a little about what kind of stuff you got before coming in.

Please, make an appointment for me to look at the comics. Walk-ins on Saturday are not preferred as I usually get other walk-in collections to look at as well as high customer traffic. If you have to come in on a weekend, Sunday might be slightly better than Saturday. Please try to come in on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Normally the store is closed Monday but I am available for appointments.

Cash offers are around 10-20% of the value of the item(s), while store credit offers are usually around 40-50% of the value of the item(s). I will only work out consignment deals in rare situations dealing with highly-sought after collectibles.

Here are some examples I’ve come up with based on common situations (may not necessarily reflect true figures or real life offers).

Example 1:

You bring in one of your favorite comics, 1982’s Wolverine #1. The first issue of the title character in his own series. Overstreet says $90 for a 9.2 copy, eBay completed listings are hanging in around the $40 range, people like getting things for a deal! I will probably make an offer close to $8 cash, maybe around $20 in store credit.

Example 2:

You bought a house and in the crawlspace you came across abandoned old Batman comics from the ’70s that are very well-read. Some may fetch around $100 online when they’re in better shape, however these are not and would probably get a grade of 2.0 or “Good” condition. Say there’s about 100 comics and most of them I might expect to sell for $1 each. In this case I might offer $20 cash for the collection, or around $40 store credit.

The benefit is clearing out junk and supporting a local comic book store. Often people come in to sell their comics for quick cash or to pay a large surprise bill and I would not recommend this service if you’re in a jam like that. Please have an idea of the amount you’re looking to get and be okay with communicating that with me. If you’re looking for a payout of over $20 it would be wise to arrange this with me in advance.

Preparing a list of the comics that you have in a spreadsheet and emailing it to me would be great and while it is a time-consuming process you might find such a list valuable for your own records. I can not make any firm offers until I see the comics and if you’re looking for a ballpark value, I recommend searching completed auctions on eBay.

I can do a quick offer at a glance if you’d like to save on time, otherwise I’ll have to spend some time going through the collection, approximately half a minute to look up each comic if they’re all from different series and not organized. Often I can do it right on the spot but during store hours I will have to deal with customers making purchases as a priority. For a very large collection exceeding more than 500 comics or 40 graphic novels I may ask you to leave them with me and I can get back to you on an offer later.

Appraisal Service

If you’re looking for a professional comics dealer to give you a grade on your comics, I can offer a basic service at $20 an hour. For extra fees I can do house calls as well, provide signed certificates of authenticity with the Destiny City Comics logo, and more but these services will be taken on a case-by-case basis so please get in touch to discuss details.

Looking for advice on how to do your own appraisal?

Grading comics can be time-consuming and the advice of an experienced pro can be pricey. If you’re looking for a basic idea these sources might be of help as well as browsing for your item on eBay listings that have recently completed for a good look at the current market. offers a great online price guide and it’s often up to date on recent trends, the downside is it will only list “near mint” (9.2) values, which can make pricing older comics frustrating as they often have collected some wear over the years. The Overstreet Price Guide is considered the most “official” price guide by many collectors, like a Kelly Blue Book of comics, but this one updates annually and sometimes I think their prices are ridiculous so it may not factor into my offer. has a great guide on determining the condition of your comics.

You make comics/zines?

I’m very interested in stocking works by independent artists, especially from Tacoma/Seattle/Portland or from a marginalized group. The usual deal is I’ll buy your stuff at 50% off wholesale. Consignment is not recommended, but is usually a 60/40 split where I pay out 60% at a later date. Stop by the shop if you can and introduce yourself. Plus you can check out our selection of comics by other local authors. Check out the events page for the Destiny City Zine Symposium co-hosted by our neighbor King’s Books. You can also chat with me over email. Please consider printing the price on your item.

Contact information:

Thanks again for reading all of that. You’ll be working with the owner and main employee, Michael Fitzgerald. Please note I do not offer ballpark offers over the phone.

Email is the best way to contact me at

Call or text message the shop number at 253-234-7112.