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We’re open (Actually)

We’re officially open to the public again as Pierce County has entered Phase Two. For now we’re only open from 1pm-6pm Tuesday-Sunday and closed on Monday’s. This allows us proper time to clean and sanitize the store. We’re happy to have you in, we just ask that you respect a few rules while visiting.

-Masks required at all times while in the store.

-Be respectful of social distancing

-You’re welcome to browse, but please use the provided hand sanitizer before thumbing through boxes of comics.

Thank you to everyone who supported the shop while our doors were closed. You were absolutely vital to us being able to survive and we’re beyond grateful. We’ll still be taking online orders as well for those who are looking to avoid contact where possible. To order, send an e-mail to with what you like. Our Instagram account is a pretty good idea of what we have available in store and we can always special order any book you’re looking for.

Selling Comics?

Here’s the deal on buying old comics…

We’re always happy to purchase collections off people, as every collection we acquire could have the comic that someone else is looking for. Donations of comics are always happily accepted, and I promise a comic shop is a much better home for them than a thrift store. If you’re looking to sell them, whether you’re bringing in 1 or 2 comics or several boxes, I’d always rather purchase everything you bring in or are looking to sell vs. cherry picking a few things and sending you home with the rest. Mostly because it’s only going to make your overall collection less valuable to other buyers and it doesn’t seem fair to do.

That said, when we buy collections, especially larger ones, a lot of what we take on will sit in our shop for a long while. Mainly things like 90’s comics. That decade was a very popular time for comics and almost everything was printed in high volume, so aside from a few odd issues, nothing from that era is much of a rarity. Because of that, I’ll typically make an offer based of what I think there is genuine interest in and usually add a little extra for the rest

What can you expect to receive for your books? If you’re looking for cash, I usually offer around 10%-20% of what I think will actually sell. If you’re looking for store credit, I’ll usually double that number.

A few things to keep in mind

Research what you have, but keep in mind that just because something is listed for a certain price on eBay, doesn’t mean it’s worth that price. Sales that have closed will give you a better understanding of what your books may actually be worth. Take note that graded comics are worth more because they’ve gone through the process of being graded and are sealed in a plastic case. If yours is loose or in a plastic bag, it won’t hold as high of a value.

Old doesn’t automatically equal valuable. Just because a comic is old, doesn’t inherently mean it’s worth a lot. A comic that wasn’t popular in the 50’s, probably isn’t much more popular now.

Condition matters. There’s a good chance that what you consider “good condition” and a collector considers “good condition” tend to be two different things. 

Appraisal Service

If you’re looking for a professional comics dealer to give you a grade on your comics, I can offer a basic service at $20 an hour. For extra fees I can do house calls as well, provide signed certificates of authenticity with the Destiny City Comics logo, and more but these services will be taken on a case-by-case basis so please get in touch to discuss details.

You make comics/zines?

I’m very interested in stocking works by independent artists, especially from Tacoma/Seattle/Portland or from a marginalized group. The usual deal is I’ll buy your stuff at 50% off wholesale